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Farewell to Year 6

9th July 20

This has not been a usual summer term for our Year 6 girls, not only did they experience distance learning for half of it, but a number of their final term activities and events had to be adapted due to coronavirus. We have tried to make the term as special and memorable for the girls as possible while following the Government guidance on social distancing. The girls adapted to the new school rules wonderfully and have behaved with maturity and a can-do attitude. All of their teachers are very proud.

The girls have enjoyed debating, themed French and WWII days, sports activities, musical theatre activities, a drama speeches performance competition and have had the opportunity to leave a time capsule and legacy boards at the School. Below you can see some photos from their past few weeks.  Click here to find out more about their activities.

These girls now go on to join their senior schools and we have no doubt that they will thrive and achieve, just as they have done at Maltman’s. We wish them the very best for their bright futures ahead.

Farewell girls.