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All Girls’ Education

Maltman’s Green has been an all girls’ school since it was founded in 1918 by Miss Beatrice Chambers – the same year that women first won the vote. Able to adapt, evolve and respond to shifts in the education sector, family life and society at large, we have continually provided a top-quality education for young girls, giving them the attitude, confidence and skills to break through whatever barrier may be before them.

At Maltman’s Green girls are not subject to gender stereotypes and consequently they fill every niche within the School community with no sense of limitation. With specialist teaching and excellent facilities, girls are given every opportunity to achieve, whether in the science lab, concert hall, swimming pool or on the sports pitch. But most importantly, they are taught how to believe in themselves – empowering them for whatever future awaits.

We offer a supportive, nurturing, learning environment where girls are given every opportunity to flourish, to take responsibility and to develop leadership qualities. We ensure our girls have the belief and self-confidence to achieve, to explore their talents without limitation and to discover passions and interests that will last a lifetime.

We understand that girls learn differently to boys, responding better to a more collaborative approach, so we ensure that our teaching styles reflect this. Girls at Maltman’s Green enjoy problem solving and benefit from techniques that include investigation and discovery. One such example is our hugely popular Maths Murder Mysteries – the girls have to solve maths problems to unlock clues and solve the mystery. By working with the girls’ strengths we can achieve so much more.

Girls need to develop confidence without the pressures of gender stereotypes. They need the freedom to take risks and, at times, to learn through failure. Our girls have big dreams and know that they hold the key to success within themselves.

The Benefits of All-Girls’ Education

Although there are no statistics at Prep level, senior school data shows that girls in all-girls schools achieve higher academic results compared to those in co-educational environments. The Girls’ Schools Association shows that girls taught in all-girls environments are more likely to choose STEM subjects at higher education – subjects which have traditionally attracted a greater number of boys.

A 2018 report in the USA, shared by the Girls’ School Association, shows that all girls’ school leavers at senior level:

  • Have stronger academic skills;
  • Are more academically engaged;
  • Demonstrate higher science self-confidence;
  • Express stronger community involvement;
  • Display higher levels of cultural competency and social tolerance;
  • Exhibit increased political engagement.