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A timetabled, weekly PSHE lesson enables us to deliver ‘Jigsaw’, our whole school, consistent approach to Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). It brings these strands together alongside the development of emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development in a comprehensive scheme of learning.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development opportunities are mapped throughout, including British Values. All of the puzzle pieces of learning are brought together to form a cohesive picture, helping children to understand and value who they are, and make sense of how they relate to other people in the world.

PSHE lessons also cover the basic first aid training for primary school children as set out by the Department for Education. All girls in Years 3 to 6 are introduced to the practices for dealing with head injuries, asthma, choking, bites and stings, bleeding, basic life support and calling for help.

“Pupils develop a strong sense of right and wrong because of the effective pastoral care system, including a well-planned personal, social and health education (PSHE) programme and well-defined school rules to which the pupils helped to develop.” Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report 2022

Celebrating Diversity and Respecting Others

At Maltman’s Green, we promote the historical and current values that underpin the national identity, known as being British, through our wide and varied curriculum. We aim to provide our girls with a full and clear insight into what being British is about, to celebrate British culture and heritage while bringing in the here and now of 21st Century Britain, so that all children are best prepared for their life long journey of learning and understanding. As a culturally diverse school, our girls are well equipped with knowledge, behaviours and attitudes that enable them to live harmoniously in a multi-cultural society.

Mutual Respect, Tolerance and Courtesy are at the heart of our values and ethos. We place great emphasis on promoting diversity and celebrating a variety of faiths and cultures. Democracy is fostered throughout our school. Our girls vote for school reps, form captains, house captains, school councillors and eco councillors. Through these councils, girls are able to affect change and have their opinions heard. The Rule of Law is reinforced in the classrooms and in assemblies, supporting pupils in distinguishing right from wrong. Values, responsibilities and consequences are examined and visits from authorities such as the Police and Fire Service help reinforce this message. Individual Liberty is promoted by encouraging girls to make their own choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment to do so. Knowledge of individual rights, freedoms and responsibilities are taught through various stages of learning.

Our whole-school approach enables pupils to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence. Pupils leave Maltman’s having contributed positively to the lives of those within the School and local communities.

“Pupils show great respect for and understanding of cultural diversity and inclusion. They enjoy being part of a culturally diverse community. They are warmly accepting of each other and value learning about their different cultures and traditions through a well-planned PSHE and religious education curriculum. They celebrate other cultures and faiths such as Hanukkah and Diwali and enjoy enriching experiences through the visits of parents and grandparents who share their cultures and traditions.” Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report 2022

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