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Guidelines for Parents in South Buckinghamshire: What to Do If You Don’t Get Your Desired Primary School Place

5th April 24

With Primary Offer Day fast approaching, April 15th will be a day of celebration for many but a day of worry for many others.

As a parent in South Buckinghamshire, receiving news that your child hasn’t been offered a place at your preferred primary school can be disheartening. However, there are practical steps you can take to navigate this situation effectively:

1. Don’t Panic: It’s natural to feel disappointed, but try to remain calm. Remember that there are alternative options available, and this isn’t the end of the road.

2. Understand the Process: Familiarise yourself with the local authority’s admissions process and criteria. Sometimes, places become available later due to waiting lists or appeals.

3. Check the Waiting List: If your child has been placed on a waiting list, ensure you understand how it works. Follow up regularly to inquire about any updates or changes in your position on the list.

4. Consider Nearby Schools: Explore other nearby schools that may still have availability. Visit their websites, attend open days, and gather information to make an informed decision.

5. Appeal the Decision: If you strongly believe that your child should have been offered a place at your preferred school, you have the right to appeal the decision. Familiarise yourself with the appeals process and deadlines.

6. Seek Support: Reach out to other parents who may have gone through a similar experience. Local parent forums or support groups can provide valuable advice and insights.

7. Prepare Your Child: While you navigate the situation, ensure you provide reassurance and support to your child. Explain the process in an age-appropriate manner and involve them in decisions where possible.

Considering Private School as an Option:

If you’ve explored all available avenues and still haven’t secured a satisfactory place, it may be worth considering private education. Private schools often offer smaller class sizes, specialised teaching, and unique extracurricular opportunities.

Discover Maltman’s Green School:

As you navigate through this challenging situation, we encourage you to explore Maltman’s Green School, a leading independent preparatory school for girls nestled in the heart of Gerrards Cross, South Buckinghamshire. Our ethos is built upon providing a nurturing environment where every child can flourish academically, socially, and personally.

Join Us at Our Open Event:

We warmly invite you to attend our upcoming Open Event on Thursday 25 April. This event presents a perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of our school, meet our dedicated staff, and discover firsthand the exceptional educational experience we offer.

By attending our Open Event, you can gain valuable insights into how Maltman’s Green could provide the ideal educational solution for your child, especially if you’ve experienced challenges securing a state school place of choice. Our comprehensive curriculum, tailored approach to learning, and enriching extracurricular activities are designed to foster a love for learning and unleash your child’s full potential.

We understand the importance of finding the right educational fit for your child, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Join us at our Open Event, and explore the possibilities that Maltman’s Green School can offer your family.

Please click here for further details and to register your interest. We look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you and your family to Maltman’s Green School, where every girl’s journey to excellence begins.