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The Case for Staying at the Same Gerrards Cross Nursery & School from ages 2-11 Years

10th May 23

For families in the Gerrards Cross area looking for a Gerrrards Cross Nursery and a quality girls’ prep school, staying at the same school from nursery right through to 11 years of age is a great option. The benefits of staying at the same school are numerous, and in this blog post, we’ll be exploring the case for choosing a fabulous school and staying at the same school from 2-11 years.

The Importance of Consistency

Staying in the same school from the age of 2 to 11 years old provides girls with a level of consistency that can be hard to come by in life. Maltman’s Green School, a private school located in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, has seen first-hand the positive effects of allowing children to remain in the same school from nursery to Year 6. By providing children with stability and consistency, Maltman’s Green School fosters a safe, nurturing learning environment that allows pupils to reach their full potential.

From the earliest stages of development, Maltman’s Green School in Gerrards Cross provides a nursery and preschool that encourages healthy habits. This sets our Maltman’s girls up with a foundation for future success. Attending the same school over an extended period allows pupils to build strong relationships with their peers, teachers, and staff. This type of social and emotional support is crucial for children to excel academically. Such stability cannot be achieved as effectively when changing schools.

Ultimately, staying at the same private school in Buckinghamshire like Maltman’s Green School can provide children with the consistency they need to grow into confident and successful learners. It’s important to consider this option when choosing the right school for your child.

The Benefits of Staying in One Place

The familiarity of their surroundings helps our girls to feel comfortable and secure, allowing them to learn and thrive. At Maltman’s Green School, the preschool (Little Malties), nursery, lower prep, and upper prep are all located on the same site. This allows for smoother transitions between levels of education. Students are encouraged to build relationships with those from different age groups.

As our Maltman’s girls move through their schooling, they can build meaningful connections with staff, pupils, and parents. Staying at the same school from 2-11 years old provides consistency and stability for pupils. Moreover, allowing them to build strong relationships with their teachers and peers. With this in mind, Maltman’s Green School in Gerrards Cross is a great choice for parents looking for a private school that will provide their children with the best possible education experience.

The Negative Aspects of Switching Schools

Although there are many benefits to staying in the same school from 2-11 years of age, you may feel that your daughter would benefit from a move.  There are some drawbacks associated with switching schools during this period that are worth considering. For instance, if your child moves to a different school, they will have to learn a new curriculum, adjust to a different environment and face the challenge of making new friends. Such change can be disruptive to a child’s education. The decision has to be well thought through and the correct one for that child.

Transitioning between schools can cause emotional distress for children. They may feel a sense of abandonment and confusion about why they are leaving their old school. Indeed, it’s important to make sure your child understands why the change is necessary and that you are there to support them through the transition.


How Maltman’s Green can help

There are situations when it may still be the absolute best thing for your child to move. This is especially common for families considering a move from state school to an independent school in Buckinghamshire in preparation for the 11 plus. If you are looking to move your daughter to a new school before the age of 11, then consider Maltman’s Green.

We offer a unique form of pastoral care to children moving here from another school. Furthermore, we understand the importance of consistency for children’s educational and emotional well-being. The school community is committed to providing the support every girls needs for a successful transition.

Our staff have experience in helping children adjust emotionally and academically to their new environment. Teachers provide individualised academic support and guidance to each child, to ensure they reach their full potential. Additionally, we have small class sizes with teachers and teaching assistants available for small group sessions. Again, giving every child the individual support they need. Our pastoral care is second to none, with programs to help address any social or emotional issues that may arise.

Moreover, at Maltman’s Green, our staff take the time to nurture and build relationships with each child. We provide a safe, warm environment that allows each girl to develop and grow to their full potential. At Maltman’s Green, we understand that transitioning to a new school can be daunting for both parents and children alike. Our dedicated staff are here to make this transition as smooth as possible and provide the support and guidance needed for a successful transition.

Checklist to prepare your daughter for a move to Maltman’s Green…


It is helpful to prepare your daughter for moving to Maltman’s Green School. Children can sometimes feel stressed when moving schools so do involve your daughter as much as possible in the process.

  • Discuss the move with your daughter well in advance
  • Be enthusiastic about the move yourself
  • Ask your child what worries they have. Make a list and go through that list with your daughter and chat about each worry in turn. An imaginary worry bag can help where they tell you what’s in the bag and you can help them to empty it.
  • Equally, make a list of all the things they are looking forward to at Maltman’s Green. Chat about the lovely swimming pool and the fun extra-curricular activities and the lovely lunches!
  • Come and visit Maltman’s and bring your daughter along. She will be invited for an ‘assessment’ day before she starts which is a perfect way for her to meet her future classmates and have a happy positive experience at Maltman’s before she starts here.
  • If you know any Maltman’s families, it’s a great idea to have your daughter chat to their Maltman’s girls before they start to put her mind at rest.
  • Buy the Maltman’s uniform and make a fuss of your daughter when she tries it on. Every girl loves a purple uniform!
  • Similarly, make sure you have all the correct uniforms, for example, sports kit. Your daughter will be concerned with fitting in. For more information, you can visit the school uniform shop on site. The shop or our office will be glad to help with any questions. Find Out More about Uniform
  • Before starting, once you know your daughter’s class, join the parent’s class list groups, and whats-app groups. Additionally, find Maltman’s Green on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked in. This is a great way to get involved in the school community.
  • Also, ask the office or our registrar for details about the FOMG – Friends of Maltman’s Green. The FOMG does a fantastic job and is always welcoming new volunteers, again perfect for feeling part of our lovely community and helping your daughters transition.

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