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Our extensive extra-curricular programme is an outstanding feature of the School. We offer a varied selection of clubs to ignite and inspire our girls’ life-long passions outside of the classroom. Through extra-curricular pursuits, girls gain a sense of belonging and community that help boost their happiness and sense of self-worth. Teamwork and collaborative activities are a crucial part of the magic that gives girls the determination and confidence to succeed.

We have a varied selection of free clubs that the girls can enjoy, introducing them to new hobbies and interests, and unlocking new talents and passions. We also have a comprehensive selection of chargeable clubs and tuition of varying levels across sport, music, drama and languages.

Our programme of trips, talks and workshops not only introduces the girls to new ideas, opportunities and experiences, but also builds resilience, courage and teamwork skills.

Please explore our extra-curricular programme by choosing an option in the drop down navigation.