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How to apply for day care and nursery places at an Independent School

16th January 24

Independent schools are an increasingly popular choice among parents for the multitude of advantages they provide. Here at Maltman’s Green we pride ourselves on providing academic excellence, a nurturing environment and diverse extra-curricular opportunities. We have state-of-the-art facilities and are set in 12 acres of beautiful Chiltern countryside. This article will give you an insight into how to apply for day care and nursery places at an Independent School.

Maltman’s Green is an independent girls’ school with an impressive 85% success rate at the 11+ examination. Maltman’s offers not only academic achievement, but also growth in a myriad of other areas. We excel at sports, arts and leadership – and it all begins as early as age 2!

Book an Open Day

When applying for day care and nursery places at an independent school like Maltman’s, there is a general process to follow. Start with an open day.  These provide an accurate impression of the school’s ethos, values, staff, students and amenities. You get the opportunity to listen to insightful talks from the headmistress and the head girl. A tour of the premises follows, providing an opportunity to get a first-hand look at what life at Maltman’s looks like. Casual chats with Year 6 pupils prove incredibly valuable.  Talking to the girls can help you understand what it means to be a ‘Maltman’s girl.’ Our next open days are 2 February and 23 February. Book online via


When you know a school is right for your child, you are ready to apply for day care and nursery place. You can then register your interest. Many independent schools like Maltman’s often have a demand surplus. It is wise to secure your place early. Schools usually charge a registration fee and your child might also undergo informal assessments or interviews.  After this you would be offered a place. At Maltman’s the youngest learners join us in ‘Little Malties’ from the aged of two. We also regularly welcome girls into Nursery and Reception. If you are interested in other year groups we do sometimes have spaces available so do get in touch.

Admissions Team

The entire application process might appear complex but independent schools like Maltman’s have dedicated admissions teams that guide you. At Maltman’s, Mrs. Day, our Registrar, is always ready to assist you with everything you need to know. Reach out to her through to learn more about the application process or to schedule visits.

The crucial takeaway from the admissions process is that selecting the right school involves much more than looking at brochures or navigating through websites. A visit can paint a more accurate picture of a school’s ethos and approach to education. It allows you to find a setting where your child can feel comfortable, grow and ultimately thrive. Choosing an independent school, after all, is about providing your child with the best opportunities. A place to discover their talents and capabilities, while also preparing them for future challenges and triumphs. So why not begin this exciting journey with a highly accomplished independent school like Maltman’s Green?