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Physical Education

Our motto is ‘excellence with a sense of fun’, be it inside or outside the classroom. We ensure that girls feel a sense of achievement in their physical education lessons, that they have fun, ignite new passions and strive for their potential. We also make sure that our teaching demonstrates excellence. We work with specialist teachers and coaches to provide the best possible training and experience for our girls’ curricular and extra-curricular sporting pursuits.

Girls in the Prep School take part in a weekly PE lesson, focusing on aesthetic based sports such as gymnastics, dance, fitness, cross-country and physical literacy, as well as a weekly swimming lesson. Each year group has their own dedicated Games Afternoon allowing them to take part in competitive games and experience fixtures with other schools. Games include football, netball, tennis, hockey, lacrosse, athletics, rounders and cricket.

Healthy Body, Health Mind

We aim to give girls a love and passion for physical activity, allowing them to develop positive habits and attitudes towards fitness and healthy living. PE lessons are tailored to be fully inclusive, with specialist teachers and coaches who ensure that a wide range of activities provide the best possible experiences for our girls.


As part of their physical education lessons, our girls learn a variety of sports that instil a sense of belonging and develop teamwork skills. Girls learn how to collaborate, communicate effectively and listen to each other, developing competencies that are transferable across the curriculum.


All girls have the opportunity to compete with their classmates, across their year or in their House team. Friendly competition allows the girls to put their teamwork and technical skills to the test while learning to work under pressure and strive towards a common goal. Exposing girls to the emotions associated with winning and losing is vital for them to learn about sportsmanship. Developing resilience and perseverance enables our girls to be gracious in both victory and defeat.

Extra-Curricular Sport

We offer an extensive extra-curricular sports programme for all of our girls, with opportunities to represent Maltman’s Green at local, regional and national events.

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