school girls in summer dresses holding books
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The Maltman’s Green School uniform is simple, smart and practical. Girls from Reception up are required to wear the standard uniform, while those in Little Malties day care and the Nursery school wear more comfortable attire. Parents should ensure that their daughter’s uniform is kept in good condition and that they are always well presented. Detailed uniform and equipment lists can be found in the Parents Handbook.

Summer Uniform

Reception +

In the summer term and first half of the autumn term, girls wear our signature purple dress with a belted waist, which is combined with our purple cardigan, white ankle socks and black shoes. Travelling to and from schools girls are required to wear their summer panama hat and purple reefer jacket.


Winter Uniform

Reception +

Girls may begin the School year in September wearing either the summer or the winter uniform. By the start of the second half of the autumn term, all girls must be in their winter uniform. The uniform consists of a navy, pinafore style dress over a long-sleeved, white shirt, which can be combined with our purple cardigan. Girls wear grey, knee-length socks or grey, wool tights. Girls should wear their wool coat and grey and purple hat to and from school.


Early Years

Little Malties and Nursery

These girls wear a comfortable tracksuit style uniform with polo shirt all year round. The tracksuit allows them full movement for play and PE and is comfortable enough for their afternoon nap. In the warmer, summer months, girls can wear shorts and should have a legionnaires cap for use when outside. Shoes must be black and socks white.


PE Kit

Prep girls wear a skort and polo shirt for all games lessons, with the option to wear a jumper and tracksuit bottoms in the colder months. For certain sports, girls are required to wear our navy shorts (pictured in the Early Years section above).

Girls in Pre-Prep wear our navy shorts (pictured in the Early Years section above) and polo shirt for all PE lessons, with the option to wear a jumper and tracksuit bottoms in the colder months.


How to Purchase

The Direct Clothing Company

The Direct Clothing Company operates an in-house uniform shop in the parents’ car park area at Maltman’s Green. Uniform can be purchased at the shop or online. The shop is open 8.00am to 9.30am on Mondays, and 3.00pm to 5.00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Friends of Maltman’s Green operate a second hand uniform shop, also located in the parents’ car park, which is open term-time Wednesdays 8.15am until 9.30am and Thursdays 3.15pm until 4.15pm. Holidays opening times vary and will be communicated to parents.

Open Day: Friday 8 October

Join us on Friday 8 October to see the School in action, observe lessons, talk to teachers and pupils, and tour our facilities.