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Health & Nutrition


Healthy eating and making healthy choices are promoted during snack time, lunchtime and whenever the opportunity arises. The girls have a choice of chopped fruits for morning snack and chopped vegetables for afternoon snack. They are also offered milk or water to drink with their morning snack and have access to their water bottle at all times during the day.

Our in-house catering company, Thomas Franks, provides our lunchtime meals. The company provides services to many different schools and employs a nutritionist who trains the chefs to produce a balanced weekly menu to ensure the food is varied, seasonal and healthy, and caters for all dietary needs. This training also includes the production of food for other occasions such as breakfast, packed lunches, break times, after school clubs and match teas. This means as a school we already meet and follow many of the voluntary guidelines set out in the Eat Better Start Better document published by the Children’s food Trust. Where possible, sugar is substituted for other sweet ingredients, for instance the chocolate velvet cake contains beetroot as a natural sweetener. This puts us in-line with the Government paper published in August 2016 Childhood Obesity, where their target was to cut 20% of sugar from children’s diets.


The medical room is located next door to our Little Malties Day Care centre and our Matron is based in school full-time to attend to the needs of all of our girls. In addition, the majority of staff are also qualified as first-aiders. You can be sure that your daughter will receive the highest level of care during her time at Maltman’s Green.

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