Girls going over the vault in a gymnastics lesson
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We offer a wide range of optional extra-curricular sporting activities for girls in Reception to Year 6 allowing them to learn skills and apply tactics appropriate to their age and ability. Girls develop their commitment to personal and team goals as well as learn about the responsibility associated with being part of a team.

We offer a range of ability levels across a variety of sports enabling all girls to be able to participate either for fun or to represent the school at local, regional and national competitions. We pride ourselves on being able to give all the girls in Years 3 to 6 the opportunity to represent the school in a sporting fixture at some point each year.

Although results are important, more emphasis is placed on the the opportunities that competition presents. Exposing girls to the emotions associated with winning and losing is vital for them to learn about sportsmanship. We expect our girls to show exemplary behaviour, manners and courtesy at sporting events, as well as being gracious in both victory and defeat. Most importantly, we hope that being involved in sport helps to develop the girls’ self-esteem and confidence in all areas of their education.

Extra-curricular sports activities vary according to term and all are included in the school fees, except for the Gymnastics programme which incurs an additional cost.

Our Activities*

Athletics: Years 3 to 6
Cricket: Years 3 to 6
Football: Years 1 to 6
Gymnastics: Reception to Year 6
Netball: Years 3 to 6
Physical Literacy/Ball Skills: Years 1 and 2
Rounders: Years 3 to 6
Swimming: Reception to Year 6
Tennis: Years 1 to 6

*This list is subject to change