Girls' School
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The House System & Leadership Opportunities

The House System

We have a Pre-Prep and a Prep House system, all named after inspiring women. Our Pre-Prep Houses are Ennis-Hill, Potter, Sharman and Windsor; and our Prep Houses are Aylward, Bronte, Johnson and Pankhurst.

Throughout the year, inter-house activities and competitions are held, where team work, cooperation, understanding and friendship is paramount. The houses are also fundamental in supporting the fundraising initiatives of the school, choosing individual causes to support, such as selling poppies/daffodils to their peers or arranging collections to donate.

Leadership Opportunities

We believe that it is important to give girls the opportunity to assume roles of responsibility in school. Being a leader allows them to grow in confidence, empathy, resilience and organisation skills. Collaborating with peers, tackling problems creatively, acting with integrity, being kind, finding the confidence to speak up, speak out and communicate clearly, respect the views of others and encourage those around us, are all important attributes we wish to instil in the girls.

“Pupils make an excellent contribution to the school and the wider community. There is a strong culture of service towards each other and the community, encouraged by senior leaders who ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to take responsibility. Pupils throughout the school relish the opportunities provided for leadership as form monitors, house captains, sports captains and as representatives on the school and eco councils.” Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report 2022

The Head Girl and her Deputies

Each year a Head Girl is chosen from the Year 6 cohort. She will be in post for the whole of the academic year and is supported by her Deputies.

The role of the Head Girl is to manage the team of Year 6 Prefects and represent the whole of the student body, to inspire and be a good role model. She will assist in assemblies and present/read at school events. The Deputies assist the Head Girl and supports the prefects in their responsibilities.

The School Council

The School Council provides a forum for the Prep School girls to discuss a variety of school matters, putting their views and ideas across to affect potential change. Each form appoints a representative who reports back to their peers after each council meeting. Staff are present at the meetings in order to facilitate the implementation of possible changes, but it is the girls who are at the heart of the School Council. They are encouraged to provide solutions to the issues they raise, empowering them to think creatively.

The Eco Council

Like the School Council, girls in the Eco Council are elected from the Prep School by their peers. They meet every half term with staff, parents and governors to form eco ideas and initiatives for progression. Our eco-councillors help inspire and motivate the rest of the girls and have specific duties such as our annual ‘Clean for the Queen’ litter picking campaign and running a stall at the Christmas Fair.

Year 6 Prefects

The Year 6 Prefects perform their role on a termly basis, giving all Year 6 girls the opportunity to become a prefect at some point during the year. The Prefects are important role models for girls across the school, offering assistance to younger pupils, acting as playground buddies and being responsible for supervising the girls queuing at break/lunch times, among other duties. They will also run an assembly alongside the Head Girl and her Deputies.

House & Form Captains

Each term a House Captain is elected from the Year 6 girls and a Vice-Captain from the Year 5 girls. They become ambassadors of our houses and meet regularly with those in their house to form friendships in other year groups and devise a fundraising strategy for their chosen house charities. They will also lead their house at inter-house competitions and raise the winners’ trophy.

In the Prep School we also have Form Captains and Vice-Captains who are also elected by their peers and are responsible for assisting the teacher with various duties in the classroom.


Year 6 girls have the opportunity to help in the library, assisting the librarian, Mrs Ellis, with daily tasks and keeping the library tidy. Each year a Head Librarian is chosen, who oversees the work of the team.