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The Year 6 Send Off

8th June 20

We are delighted to have so many of the Year 6 girls back in school for the second half of the term. They have responded with sensitivity and maturity to the changes and procedures that we have put in place and we are immensely proud of them.

Each year we make every effort to ensure that the Year 6 girls’ final term at Maltman’s is a happy and memorable time. Though the current situation has posed some challenges, we still intend to do as much as we can to honour the girls’ final few weeks as Purple Girls. Each week we have a special enrichment activity planned. Please see below for what we have in store, all while abiding by social distancing rules and putting the girls’ and the teachers’ safety first:

  • ART | Week commencing 8 June | This top secret art activity will run throughout the week, giving girls plenty of time to learn some new techniques and add to their masterpiece. All we can say is ‘watch this space’!
  • DEBATING WEEK | Week commencing 15 June | The girls will get to try their hand at debating – learning how to write a speech and how to debate their position. Some topics are ‘books are better than television’, ‘all animals should live in zoos to prevent extinction’ and ‘football is for boys and ballet is for girls’.
  • FRENCH DAY | Friday 19 June | Since the girls can sadly not visit France this year, instead we will celebrate French Day. We want all girls to take part – in school and at home. They will be able to dress up in French themed clothes and will enjoy an afternoon of live activities, games and quizzes to transport them to the continent.
  • SPORTS ACTIVITIES | Week commencing 22 June | Sports day isn’t going to be quite the same as usual, but we will ensure that the girls get to compete in track events, all contributing to their house points!
  • WORLD WAR II DAY| Thursday 2 July | Another special day for the girls will be World War II Day, again in fancy dress (practical wear please!). There will be lots of themed activities in Humanities for all girls to take part in – whether in school or at home, we want all girls to take part and have fun.
  • MUSICAL THEATRE | Friday 3 July | Girls will enjoy learning a musical theatre number to be performed and recorded. Weather dependent, we hope to do this outside as an open-air theatre experience.
  • PRIZE GIVING CELEBRATIONS | Tuesday 7 July | We deeply regret that we will not be able to run this event live for parents to enjoy, but we will be producing a virtual celebration that will be sent to you all to watch at home, a special keepsake that no other year has received! This will include awarding cups and prizes to the girls in school. For those at home, we will need the help of parents with a short video so that all girls are included in the final celebration.
  • LEGACY BOARD AND TIME CAPSULE | Throughout the term | We have freed up large notice boards in ‘brick passage’ – the corridor leading to the dining room – to allow for a Year 6 Legacy Board, and similarly, the girls will get to enjoy filling and burying a time capsule on school grounds. Both will allow the girls to leave a letter, art work, poem, recording or photo for future generations of Maltman’s girls as a way to commemorate being at the top of the school during this unique, historic period in time.

So as you can see, it’s going to be a busy few weeks. We are committed to making it a special time for the girls (whether in school or at home), giving them happy memories to take away with them.