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At Maltman’s Green, we teach French as a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) to all children from the age of two as part of the School curriculum. Early exposure to languages at a young age has many benefits including improving problem-solving skills and creative thinking. Games, songs and role-play encourage the girls to try new techniques, mimic sounds and speak without inhibition. Our pupils reach a high standard in all four areas: Listening and Responding; Reading; Writing; and Speaking. By the time they move on to their senior school their confidence in French gives them a distinct advantage.

We further enrich our MFL opportunities by offering Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin as additional subjects. These are taught in small groups, or on an individual basis, through our extensive extra-curricular programme.

Our language learning is inclusive and enjoyable for all. The curriculum encompasses learning about French life and culture. We encourage our girls to take control of their own learning and to share their experiences and knowledge gained from holidays in French speaking countries. An annual trip to France for Year 6 ensures the pupils have real-life experiences to extend their conversational French, including a trip to the market and meeting their French pen-pals. Read about the 2019 trip here.

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