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Core Subjects


Our English curriculum has a direct focus on developing reading, writing and communication skills across all subjects. Our girls are actively involved in their own learning journey. They are encouraged to explore the excitement of the unknown, and create new possibilities by asking questions that extend their knowledge and understanding. Working both independently and in collaboration with others across all curriculum areas promotes the importance of speaking and listening skills.

From a young age, our girls are immersed in a wide range of rich, high-quality literature. Our dedicated Librarian, alongside the Form teacher, encourage pupils to select books that challenge, excite, and help our girls to develop confidence in themselves by igniting a passion for reading. Opportunities for writing are interwoven throughout the curriculum; from creative story writing in Drama, diary and recounts in the role of a famous figure in History, to planning, designing and cooking a dinner menu in CDT. Writing for a purpose is powerful, engaging and real.


Mathematics at Maltman’s Green is based on a growth Mindset and a ‘We Can’ attitude. We firmly believe that all children have the potential to broaden their understanding of mathematical concepts through a mix of quality teaching and intelligent practice, children learning together, and targeted support and intervention.

Through a creative, inter-disciplined curriculum, based on real-life examples, we equip our girls with a uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world.  These tools include logical reasoning, problem solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways. Our approach is to promote the enjoyment and curiosity of mathematics, without fear of making mistakes, instead using them as unique learning opportunities.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities are threaded throughout our curriculum, developing the girls’ creative and critical thinking skills.

Whether studying and classifying Flora and Fauna, investigating the effects of gravity by flying parachutes, predicting, planning and carrying out experiments using the Bunsen Burner, researching genetics or creating their own microorganisms, Science at Maltman’s Green is exciting and engaging, fuelling the girls’ natural curiosity to explore the world around them.

We have a dedicated Science laboratory used for practical experiments and extensive grounds include meadows, hedgerows and wooded areas for practical investigations. The Discovery Garden and greenhouses are used by the girls for pond dipping and the study of ecosystems.

ICT & Computing

The goal at Maltman’s Green is to make our girls more than just consumers of technology. We strongly believe that ICT should not replace valuable, traditional skills, such as handwriting, but should add a new and exciting dimension to learning. We equip our girls with a broad range of skills to prepare them for the future. Whether it be through developing an understanding of how digital systems work, using a range of software on a variety of devices or facilitating the girls’ ability to develop their ideas using IT, our pupils gain a number of experiences that strengthen their capability, from Nursery through to Year 6. The School promotes a cross-curricular approach to ICT & Computing, including extra-curricular lunchtime clubs and after-school coding clubs for pupils.

We ensure that our hardware and software competes in a rapidly evolving landscape. This includes various types of mobile suites as well as multi award winning interactive screens and interactive white boards in every classroom. Internet Safety and Safeguarding is of paramount importance and we have a robust monitoring system of pupil internet access.

The girls become competent in a wide range of applications including cloud based solutions for collaborative exercises and homework, computer coding using block based code and text-based coding, animation and video, desktop publishing, various forms of data handling, learning graphics packages and music production principles.

Throughout the School, there is software appropriate to each age group and their needs, encouraging a dynamic approach to teaching and learning.

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