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Summer Term 2019

Wed01.05.19Year 1 Tennis Activity
Thu02.05.19Reception Tennis Activity
Sun05.05.19U11A Gym BSGA Tumbling
Sun05.05.19U11A Gym BSGA Acro
Tue07.05.19Y3-6 Swim Gala v St. Piran’s
Thu09.05.19Y3&4 Tennis Match v Dair House
Fri10.05.19Y5 Squad, Year 5&6 Tennis groups at Queenswood
Sat11.05.19ESSA Swim Championships at Guildford
Sun12.05.19B Squad Summer Rose Gym Competition
Sat18.05.19Y5 Junior Sports Conference at Tudor Hall, Banbury
Mon-Fri20-24.05.19Y2-5 Tennis Trials During after school sessions
Wed22.05.19Y3-6 Swim Gala v Godstowe
Thu23.05.19Y4-6 Panagraphic League Swim Gala Finals at Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls
Thu23.05.19Y3-6 Gym Club Championships
Wed05.06.19Y2 Internal Tennis Festival
Thu06.06.19Y4-6 Tennis Match v Godstowe
Mon10.06.19Y3 Internal Tennis Tournament
Tue11.06.19Y3-6 Athletics v Godstowe
Mon17.06.19Y4 Internal Tennis Tournament Day 1
Tue18.06.19Pre-Prep Sports Day
Wed19.06.19Prep Sports Day
Fri21.06.19Reserve Sports Day
Mon24.06.19Y4 Internal Tennis Tournament Day 2
Tue25.06.18Y6 IAPS Cricket Festival at Hall Grove
Mon01.07.19Y1 Internal Tennis Festival
Wed03.07.19Y5 Internal Tennis Tournament
Wed03.07.19Early Years Sports Day
Fri05.07.19Squad Gym Show
Sat06.07.19Rec-Y2 Gymnastics Parents’ Watching Week
Mon08.07.19Y6 Internal Tennis Tournament


A Message From The Head
Mrs J Pardon

Due to Government directives, we are currently closed until further notice. We look forward to opening as soon as possible. In the meantime, please look round our website to find out more about our school.