three girls sitting on a bench under a tree
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The 100 Club

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Maltman’s Green, we launched The 100 Club – a Bursary fund for girls who would otherwise be unable to benefit from a Maltman’s education.

Funds are generated by donors pledging just £100 a year for 10 years to become members of the 100 Club. To honour their generosity all members are commemorated with an engraved classical, copper leaf on the 100 Club Tree – a permanent, 8ft metal sculpture installed on school grounds. The installation is designed to endure for generations, ensuring the names of our 100 Club members will always be remembered.

We hope that you will consider joining the 100 Club. Please find links to the application form and corresponding standing order mandate below. Once completed and signed, please return to the School office either by post or in person or email to

If you have any questions on the 100 Club or how pledging works please email