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Launch of the Maltman’s Green School Podcast, Enriching Education Through Student Voices

6th February 23

February marked the launch of the Maltman’s Green School Podcast, an enriching educational experience that gives students the opportunity to express their voices. This podcast is planned, presented, and produced by the girls at Maltman’s Green School, giving them an outlet to discuss topics and issues that are important to them. Through this podcast, students and listeners alike can gain a unique perspective into the world through the eyes of a Maltman’s girl. We are excited to see what new insights and ideas the girls will bring to the table!

What is the Maltman’s Green School Podcast?

The Maltman’s Green School Podcast is an exciting new project. As part of the enrichment project for our year 6 girls, two prefects plan and prepare each episode and interview girls within the school on various issues, projects and day to day life at Maltman’s. It is an opportunity to explore the world through the eyes of Maltman’s Green students, with the aim of giving children a voice. The podcast allows our Maltman’s girls to discuss important issues and share their unique perspectives. This project provides an enriching educational experience, offering listeners a unique window into the lives of Maltman’s Green pupils.

Who are the girls behind the podcast?

The talented and hard-working prefect hosts are part of the Year 6 enrichment program which gives them the opportunity to learn and develop new skills to prepare them for life after Maltman’s Green. The podcast is an exciting project for the girls as it allows them to further develop their communication, planning, understanding of the wider world of work, leadership, social interaction and conversation, empathy and presenting and management skills. It also gives them the opportunity to have their voice heard, express their ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations with other students.
Through the podcast, they are creating an engaging platform to discuss issues that are important to them and those around them. By hosting interviews with students from different backgrounds and discussing topics such as school initiatives, life outside of Maltman’s and issues and interests away from school, they are providing a unique platform for students to come together and discuss these issues in a safe and fun environment.
The launch of the Maltman’s Green School Podcast is a fantastic initiative that gives these girls a platform to use their voice and help make positive changes within the school community.

What topics will be covered during the podcast series?

The topics covered on the Maltman’s Green School Podcast are both diverse and engaging. The girls behind the podcast have a mission to give children a voice, and with each episode, they bring to life stories of value and interest to all our girls. They are learning to engage the younger girls who in turn feel safe and able to express themselves often with fun and entertaining results!
Ultimately, the Maltman’s Green School Podcast hopes to enrich education by providing an avenue for students to express themselves and be heard.

Why is it important for student voices to be heard?

Through this podcast, girls can explore topics relevant to them and discuss issues that matter to them. By giving children a voice, we create an atmosphere of open-mindedness, respect, and understanding, encouraging everyone to learn from each other. This helps build a more inclusive and equitable society where everyone’s opinions and experiences are valued. In addition, the podcast is a great opportunity for students to develop their communication skills, build confidence, and grow as individuals. With the launch of the Maltman’s Green School Podcast, girls have been given an incredible opportunity to make their voices heard.

How can I listen to the podcast?

The podcast can be accessed via any major podcast streaming platform such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Additionally, links are published via the schools facebook page and linktree. So be sure to tune in to the Maltman’s Green School Podcast “The Future is Purple” today and get an inspiring insight into the world through the eyes of a Maltman’s girl!

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