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Year 6 WWII Day

23rd May 22

Year 6 took part in a World War II workshop last week, delivered by Portals to the Past. The girls all arrived full of excitement and in themed World War II outfits, which showed real creativity and thought. Throughout the day they discovered what happened in the lead-up to war and recreated some major events such as Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain. They saw the map of Europe change and become mostly Nazi Germany occupied and how the USSR was involved in taking over some countries too. They participated in recreating a bombing air raid during the Blitz,  hiding in an air aid shelter listening to the bombing going on around them and considered how people would have felt. They learnt about Morse Code and deciphered messages using this communication method, plus they had the opportunity to hold some actual artifacts and weapons from World War II.

“In WWII day I found the whole time really fascinating. I particularly enjoyed handling the objects from the 1940s, holding the weapons and wearing the helmets. It made me feel like a solider and helped me imagine all they went through in the war and the sacrifices they made to save England. Everyone who helped in the war from the land girls to the navy were true heroes.” Nika 6A

“I loved World War 2 day because I learnt lots of different facts and did some fun activities, like code breaking, seeing lots of artifacts and many fun things. At the beginning we found out that during WWII our school had an air raid shelter that was in the Lapraik, and we were standing right over it!”  Sahara  6M

Open Morning Thursday 25 April
Rows of hats in the cloakroom

Open mornings give you a chance to see the school in action and tour our facilities.

Open Morning Thursday 25 April