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Medal Haul at ISGA Nationals

18th June 21

We are so proud of our A squad gymnasts for their amazing achievement at the virtual ISGA National Championship on Sunday. The Maltman’s teams all came 1st and our girls took the top spot individually across all age groups!

The girls competed across floor and vault with the U10s and U11s also doing pairs floor routine. The scores were as follows:

U9s (4 teams, 24 competitors)

  • Team: 1st
  • Katie B: 1st
  • Sidrah A: 2nd
  • Elsie R: 5th
  • Hannah M: 7th
  • Gracie O: 9th
  • Alenka B: 15th

U10s (4 teams, 30 competitors)

  • Team: 1st
  • Amber P: 1st
  • Evelyn G-W: 2nd
  • Georgia E: 3rd
  • Layla J: 4th
  • Jessica D: 8th
  • Arya G: 24th

U11s (4 teams, 18 competitors)

  • Team: 1st (floor & vault) 2nd (floor, vault & pairs)
  • Annabel K: 1st
  • Grace C: 4th
  • Freya M: 7th
  • Amy H: 12th
  • Sophia D: 13th
  • Tess E: 17th

Such an incredible result from the girls, they should feel very proud of their achievements.

The girls wrote these wonderful reports about their experiences:
“Five of my friends, Hannah, Gracie, Sidrah, Elsie, Alenka and I were entering our first IAPS U9 Gymnastic competition on 13th June. I woke up early, I had my hair done in a bun and put on my beautiful shimmering green, purple and white leotard. I felt so proud. When I arrived at school I was feeling happy but as I walked through the gymnasium doors the butterflies began to flutter in my tummy. We warmed up practising our floor routines but all too soon it was time to turn on the camera and the competition was about to begin. Mrs Owen-Cavaliere introduced us to a very special new member of the team, Malty, an adorable, soft, light brown bear who also wore a Maltman’s Green leotard! Alenka had the difficult task of opening the competition, so she held Malty first. She performed very well, and then I was next. I started with 2 vaults and sat back down next to my friends but soon it was my turn to perform the floor routine. I felt nervous and I was worried about messing up my handstand or my spin but to my surprise I did not. I was pleased with my arabesque and was surprised by my star jump! I was relieved it was over. After the competition we were all wondering how well we had done, but we all knew we had all tried our best for ourselves and our school. The following Tuesday we found out our scores and to my complete and utter surprise I came first in my team !!!! Thank you to Mrs Viggers and Mrs Owen-Cavaliere and to my fantastic team mates!!” By Katie B

“On Sunday 13th June the Year 6 Gymnastics A squad took part in an online gymnastics competition called ISGA. It was our first competition all year and we were all super excited and nervous. The competition included a pairs routine, individual set floor and set vault. There were 3 pairs; Annabel and Grace, Tess and Freya and Sophia and Amy. We arrived at school at 8.45am on the Sunday morning, all super smart in our leotards with amazing hair in a tight bun and of course, lots of glitter spray. After stretching and warming up all our moves we managed to start the competition. We set off with the set floor, each taking turns. We then moved onto pairs. With our own music and tried hard to stay in time. We then competed in the vault. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and were tired at the end. Thank you to Mrs Viggers and Mrs Owen-Cavaliere.” By Annabel K and Grace C

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