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Year 5 Poetry

1st February 21

Girls in Year 5 have been getting creative writing poetry. Based on the class novel ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, their poems have to ‘paint a picture in words’ of the sea creatures Michael saw while sailing around the world. These poems show thoughtful use of personification. Well done to Maisa for ‘Dolphin’, Lily for ‘The Spotted Sea Monster’ and Emma for ‘The Whale’ – all seen in the gallery below.

These three poems are all about the storm, but all show such unique, individual creativity and interpretation.

Storm by Arya Gupta

Storm thundered
Across the flooded street
Making all the clouds cry
As the water drenched his head

Storm pounded
Against the showering sea
Went behind to tickle it
Then slowly crept away
As the sea turned and crashed down
Onto the land taking revenge

Storm boomed
Intimidating the bright blue sky
The metallic clouds
Huddling together
Blocking the sun

Storm thumped
Blowing Strands of wind
As he span like a die being rolled
Creating a wild whirlwind
Running freely around the country

Storm raced
Upon an eternity ladder
Racing to the clouds then making lightning
Falling to the ground
Making things fall over
Making a shattering sound

Storm glared back at all the mess he had made
Just grinning to himself
Wanting to do it again

The Storm by Amber

Thick moody clouds ran across the pale blue sky
Then droplets emerged from his grey clouds
and dashed to the ground.

Everything was gloomy dull until
thunder shrieked and echoed around eerily
lightning shards danced in the night
trees swayed gracefully
then got wrestled to the ground by the murmuring wind.
“Boom! Bang! Bash!” his mighty voice belted out
As illuminated shards of golden lightning darted down
and destructed all the houses

He, the storm, ran away with the clouds
And everything was normal again
But the town was frightened
by what had happened on that fearful day

The Storm by Emily

The wind tore the night sky apart,
Kicking the trees like dominoes,
The car rocked and shuddered,
Hammering at the glass,
bringing with it a bitterly cold breath.

The wind arched the trunks,
It screamed over the house,
Echoing through the neighbourhood.
Finally it ran off across the hill into the horizon.



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