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Distance Learning Feedback

28th January 21

Here at Maltman’s Green we are committed to delivering excellence in education, be that in the classroom or through our Distance Learning programme. Through the use of digital tools such as Microsoft Teams, My School Portal, live lessons and video/audio streaming, we are able to offer a robust distance learning educational experience, allowing the girls to make use of online learning programmes and take part in live sessions that help to bring the learning to life and the Maltman’s community together. Find out more.

Now into week four of the current lockdown, we issued a survey to find out how our pupils and their parents are coping at home and how they are finding our remote provision. The wellbeing of our community is hugely important to us, and this survey allowed us to get a deeper understanding of how best we can support our girls, ensuring they are getting a good balance of screen-time, are appropriately stretched in their studies, that they have opportunities to connect with their peers and enough time for exercise and fresh air.

We have been delighted with the feedback, which is overwhelmingly positive. We asked our Pre-Prep girls if they enjoy their learning and if they look forward to finding out what work their teacher has set and 80% of them answered, YES! Out of our Prep girls, 75% find the amount of work they are given, JUST RIGHT, and when asked if they are easily able to access feedback from teachers, 70% said a resounding YES!

Download our parent guide: Coping with Distance Learning

Parent Feedback

I want to take the opportunity to thank you and the staff for all the outstanding effort you put in and how successful you have made the distance learning set up at Maltman’s.
Mr Sanghrajka

We are very happy with the home-schooling. Thank you very much for all the teachers’ and staffs’ hard work, very much appreciated.
Mr Mrs Kao

We appreciate the enormous effort the school and Mrs Kindred especially is making. Mrs Kindred has been fantastic responding to my emails/concerns and also recognising the girls and addressing any challenges. A big thank you from us!
Mr & Mrs Edelman

We are really pleased with how distance learning has stepped up – live music, now the 1-2-1 reading and the access to books from school. Importantly, Mrs Kindred is striking the right balance of keeping the girls engaged, stretching them, providing some structure but also empathy and flexibility to adjust where needed.
Mr & Mrs Unadkat

The staff are amazing, especially Miss Freeman, she is so incredible with the girls. We have nothing but huge admiration and thanks to give you all.
Mr & Mrs McCavert

The teachers are being absolutely amazing and the activities are so well thought out, materials ready to access, feedback so prompt. Really amazing. I made some comments earlier this week that I felt that my daughter could use a little more incentive to work harder and this was taken on board straight away. The awarding of stars for good work as they work towards getting the star badge has motivated her so much. So grateful for everything the teachers are doing.
Mr & Mrs Dhinsa

Miss Freeman has been wonderful! She’s a brilliant teacher and so good at explaining things, encouraging the girls, and has really managed to get to know Anaya so well. We’re very, very lucky to have her and her cheerful comments on Tapestry and on calls have made a huge difference to our lockdown!
Mr & Mrs Sirdeshpande

Thank you. Thank you so very much. Mrs Webb has been incredible, as has the school. Only have positive feedback and gratitude.
Mr & Mrs Dale

Thank you to all the staff who are working hard to deliver the distance learning programme. We find the quality of materials and teaching to be excellent. We cannot fault it. Thank you to Mrs Webb who is so lovely to all the girls during our live sessions.
Mr & Mrs Gunton

Really grateful for all the hard work teachers are putting in. I’ve had great feedback from work sent and any IT issues I may have. My daughter’s teacher has been amazing.
Mr Vala & Mrs Rama

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