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Distance Learning

15th January 21

Everyone at Maltman’s is super proud of how well the girls have taken to distance learning. They’ve been enjoying a blended approach of live lessons, recorded lessons and set work and have showed such enthusiasm!

Below we have shared some photos of what the girls have been getting up to this week including Year 1 sisters showing their incredible bird nest that they made as part of their Outdoor Learning work. They searched in the garden for bendy twigs, moss and leaves and with a little help from their big brother, they threaded and entwined twigs, pushed leaves in between, put moss down for a soft bedding and some cones for decoration. They placed bird seed inside so that any birds that might nest there would have some food. We also have a super star baker to share with you! Doesn’t this chocolate cake look delicious and very professional!?

In Art the Prep girls were tasked with going on a colour walk and documenting what they find. It’s amazing how many colours and shades are out there if you really take the time to look. Girls were given the option to photograph their finds and make the photos into a collage, or to draw the items that they found. Here are some of the pieces of work that were sent in.

Incredible Results for our Year 6 Pupils