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Head Girl and Leadership

17th November 20

We are very excited to be launching new positions of responsibility in the school. This term, we selected a Head Girl from Year 6 to lead the pupils. Maltman’s hasn’t seen a head girl for many years and it’s great to be re-instating this special role. The Head Girl will be supported by her two Deputies and a team of Year 6 Prefects. The role of the Head Girl is to manage the team of Year 6 Prefects and represent the whole of the student body, to inspire and be a good role model. She will assist in assemblies and present/read at school events. The Deputies assist the Head Girl and support the prefects in their responsibilities.

The Year 6 Prefects will perform their role on a termly basis, giving all Year 6 girls the opportunity to become a prefect at some point during the year. The Prefects are important role models for girls across the school, offering assistance to younger pupils, acting as playground buddies and being responsible for supervising the girls queuing at break/lunch times, among other duties. They will also run an assembly alongside the Head Girl and her Deputies. We continue with our roles of House and Form Captains and Vice Captains and are extending the librarian roles to include a Head Librarian and her team.

With the prospect of sports fixtures, choir and music events opening up once more possibly in the spring (Government guidance permitting), there will be further appointments to be made such as Games and Music Captains as the rest of this academic year unfolds.

We know the girls will rise to the challenges which these varied responsibilities and roles present, and will really grow and shine as a result.
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