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House Netball

6th November 20

The Prep girls had a great time competing in their House Netball tournaments on Wednesday. We had postponed these event before half-term due to rain, but on Wednesday the sun was shining and so the girls donned their House colours and took to the courts.

Congratulations goes to Johnson, who took first place in the Year 5 and the Year 6 tournament, as well as to Pankhurst who came first in Year 4 and to Aylward who came first in Year 3. Full results are below.

First up were the Year 3 and 4 girls.  Year 3 played mini games with just two players each and the girls had to make five passes before they could shoot. Girls in Year 4 played Bee Netball in teams of five in Flier Stage.

After lunch, the Year 5 and 6 girls took to the courts, playing Bee Netball in Stinger Stage. Current restrictions meant we had to change the game play a little but they still got to enjoy a great match. Each played three matches and at the end of the tournament the points were added together to decide the overall standings.

Full Results

Year 3

  • 1st –  Aylward
  • 2nd – Johnson
  • 3rd – Bronte
  • 4th – Pankhurst

Year 4

  • 1st –  Pankhurst
  • 2nd – Johnson
  • 3rd – Aylward
  • 4th –Bronte

Year 5

  • 1st –  Johnson
  • 2nd – Pankhurst
  • 3rd – Bronte
  • 4th – Aylward

Year 6

  • 1st –  Johnson
  • 2nd – Aylward
  • 3rd – Bronte
  • 4th – Pankhurst
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