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Harvest Festival 2020

21st October 20

Thank you to the amazing Maltman’s community for the wonderful harvest festival donations. This morning the girls have enjoyed an excellent assembly by Mrs Walker and Mr Johnson from the London and Slough Run. Mrs Walker told a fun, interactive story about stone soup, which had the girls giggling, and Mr Johnson told us about the vital work of this incredible charity and where all the donations will be going.

Each year we collected for the The London and Slough Run, which was founded by Phyllis Wallbank in 1984, when on a visit to London, she was perturbed to see a man lying on a pavement in a cardboard box. She began by taking sandwiches and hot drinks into London with a friend and so The London Run was born.

The Charity has flourished and now supports ‘runs’ into London and Slough. In 1996, Phyllis Wallbank was honoured with an MBE by the Queen. More information about the charity can be found on the website here.

It was very interesting to hear how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of homeless people for the better – getting them off the streets and into permanent homes. We are so happy to support the vital work of this amazing, local charity.

Thank you once again, we are all very touched by your generosity.