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Leavers’ Destinations 2020

22nd July 20

We are tremendously proud that 68% of Maltman’s girls passed the 2020 Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test (11+) out of the those who sat the exam. This is against a Buckinghamshire County average of 30%*. Once again, our girls also achieved a high number of scholarships to independent schools including Cheltenham Ladies College, Downe House, Berkhamsted School, Wycombe Abbey, the Royal Masonic and more, for their academic, music and sporting achievements.

In total, 36% of our 2020 Year 6 leavers are going onto local grammar schools Dr Challoner’s High School and Beaconsfield High School, with 57% joining a variety of prestigious schools in the independent sector. The remaining 7% continue their education abroad.

Congratulations goes to all of the girls for their remarkable achievements, for showing courage, strength and determination throughout the daunting process of choosing a senior school and facing the often intimidating entrance requirements. They have represented Maltman’s Green through their courteous behaviour and their resilience, which has often been commented on by senior school staff.

We have no doubt that this next cohort of Maltman’s girls will flourish at their new senior schools, taking with them the Maltman’s Mindsets of perseverance, collaboration, empathy, independence, respect and reflection, which will allow them to thrive.

*taken from the county’s figures 2016-2020
Incredible Results for our Year 6 Pupils