Mrs Pardon, Headmistress of Maltman's Green 2005-2020
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A Final Farewell to Mrs Pardon

9th July 20

We have reached the end of the Summer Term and Mrs Pardon’s final one at Maltman’s Green. Mrs Pardon is still in post until the end of August, but as the girls leave for the summer holidays, her time with them has come to an end. We would like to take a moment to recognise Mrs Pardon’s incredible commitment to Maltman’s over the years.

Mrs Joanna Pardon became the seventh headmistress in 2005. Just as with her predecessors she has affected change and headed up new developments while always managing to keep the spirit of Maltman’s Green alive. One of her first developments came in 2008. Inspired by her love of the natural world and a degree in Environmental Science, Mrs Pardon turned Maltman’s into an Eco School, with an eco-council, Woodland School, Gardening and Wildlife clubs to support a new sustainability ethos. This has endured for the duration of Mrs Pardon’s tenure and long will it continue – we are immensely proud of our eco-credentials. Mrs Pardon has also been instrumental in leading Maltman’s into the digital age. With the help and support of her husband, Mr Pardon, who took on the role of Network Manager, the School has seen a vast improvement in the technology and network facilities including interactive whiteboards in every classroom, a robust and secure internet network, hand-held devices made available to the girls and the start of plans for an interactive classroom and more.

There have been significant upgrades to the site too. In 2014 the Lapraik Hall was extended to accommodate an extendable seating space and professional lighting booth. This space is now regularly used for concerts and drama productions. Mrs Pardon also saw to the upgrade of the Head’s house, replacing an old bungalow and making Maltman’s an attractive prospect for future heads.

In addition, Mrs Pardon made a shift to the structure of the school, introducing Little Malties, our day care facility, in 2017. Now parents can start their daughter on their Maltman’s journey from age 2, knowing they will get the care, attention and opportunity to flourish. Following on from this Mrs Pardon significantly improved the out of hours care, offering an extended day of 7.30am to 6.00pm – an asset for the busy parent – and year round care for girls in Little Malties and Nursery. 11+ Transfer Test results have been consistently high and girls have been awarded an ever increasing number of scholarships to independent senior schools.

Mrs Pardon has steered the Maltman’s ship through both calm and choppy waters – most notably leading the school through the challenges of a site closure due to coronavirus and the speedy launch of our distance learning programme. It has not been the end Mrs Pardon would have liked, and sadly her leaving events had to be cancelled, but we hope to run them at some point in the near future, so that we can all say a fond farewell.

Mrs Pardon now looks forward to a well-earned retirement relaxing at her home in Devon. We wish her the very best for the future.

As of September, our new headmistress, Mrs Walker, takes over the post. You can read all about her by clicking here.

To mark the end of Mrs Pardon’s time at Maltman’s Green, our families have received a final assembly video message from her and the Year 6 girls received a special Prize Giving Celebration video as a keepsake of their time under this amazing headmistress.

Farewell Mrs Pardon, you will be missed.

Mrs Joanna Pardon
Headmistress 2005-2020