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Creative Writing

4th June 20

Girls in Year 6 have been using Beatrix Potter as their inspiration for writing their own stories.

In their English lessons the girls have been exploring Beatrix Potter’s writing style and learning about her life and the inspiration behind some of her best loved characters. For their own story, the girls had to choose which animal characters to include and conduct research on their traits. Then, they had to imagine a story and write it out like a book, taking care with their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Their story had to include at least five chapters; they had to use animals as their characters, giving them clear characteristics and behavioural traits; they had to describe their setting using adjectives; and they had to think about typeface and layout. Extra thumbs up were given for the inclusion of a simile or a metaphor as well as the use of sentence patterns using ‘but’, ‘or’, ‘yet’ and ‘so’. The girls were given the option to illustrate their stories and it is wonderful to see their art skills being transferred to their English work.

Below we have included a few examples from the girls.

Dawn Deer by Hediyeh

The Tale Of Cinnamon & Rocky Fox by Sasha

Parker Puffin’s First Flight by Ananya

Tale Of Faline The Fawn by Charlotte

Lily Feathertale by Noemi