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International Women’s Day

9th March 20

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and this morning girls have been celebrating great women. The Upper Prep girls had an inspirational assembly by Mrs Atkinson, looking at women in STEM, Sport and The Arts. Did you know that women make up only 28% of those working in STEM, but that the number of women who are awarded STEM degrees each year has increased by over 50,000 in the past decade?! On the Sports front, did you know that the Fifa Women’s World Cup broke broadcasting records with a total of 1 billion viewers tuning in to watch the tournament?! In the world of Art did you know that although women’s art is not well represented in galleries, exhibitions and museums (despite 51% of visual artists being women), this picture is changing and The Tate Modern filled its 2016 extension with half female artists?!

It was wonderful to hear stories of some truly inspiring women including Malala Yousafzai who became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner at just 17 years old; Peggy Whitson who is the oldest female astronaut; and Angela Vorabeva who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at 86 years of age. Maybe in the future, one of our Maltman’s girls will join the long list of inspirational female figures!

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