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Rain Forest Curve Stitching

9th March 20

Girls in Year 6 have been following our ‘creative curriculum’ to magically combine Geography, Maths and Design and Technology. Their study of rain-forests in Geography has been the inspiration behind a maths project where the girls have been learning about engineering. Each pupil chose an animal or plant from the rain-forest to study. They found angles and curves in a picture of their chosen subject, then created Parabolic Curves to add dimension to that image.  This is the foundation for Curve Stitching (also known as String Art) which was first introduced by Mary Boole, a self-taught mathematician and wife of George Boole (the father of Boolean Algebra).  This technique is found in engineering projects around the world and linked wonderfully to the Design and Technology learning. Once the girls outlined their image, they then began the detailed art of stringing together their picture in a series of straight lines to create a curve.

The results are truly spectacular and have created a wonderful display in the Purple Block.