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Tutankhamun Exhibition

18th February 20

On Wednesday 12 February, Year 4 enjoyed an exciting trip to the Tutankhamun Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in support of their History learning. This term their topic had been Ancient Egypt and it was wonderful for the girls to see elements of this incredible civilization in the flesh.

While at the gallery, the girls took part in an art workshop where they created some colourful Egyptian hieroglyphs before having the opportunity to tour the exhibits.

It was such a great day for the girls and really brought the Egyptians to life. We were also so impressed with how impeccably well the girls behaved, and were approached more than once by members of the public who praised them for their behaviour. We are very proud of them.

We asked some of the girls what they thought about the trip, and here’s what they had to say:

“I saw a version of Tutankhamun’s coffin and there was a video about how many layers there are on his coffin. I was surprised because I saw most of his objects and nearly everything was made out of gold. I felt very, very excited and happy because we saw Egyptian objects” Aryana  

“I liked the replica of Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus, but sadly we could not see the real sarcophagus. I think they kept it in Egypt because it was found there. I also saw the Egyptian Guard Statue made probably from gold. It was the most amazing school trip ever, because we saw all sorts of amazing things like the head dresses, egg boxes and chests” Isabel

All of the objects were 3000 years old but they looked like 1 year old. There was a lot of gold. The object that impressed me the most was probably the bed or his model with lots of gold.” Christina

“At first we learnt about the Ancient Egyptian artifacts , then got creative and I made a vulture on card with coloured paper and shiny paper.” Lily



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