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Handling Childhood Anxiety

18th February 20

We take pastoral matters very seriously and work to ensure that we respond to the changing pressures that children face. On 22 January we were delighted to welcome Dr Shireen Saluja and Dr Ravi Gill, Chartered Clinical Psychologists,  to give a talk to parents on Dealing with Childhood Anxiety. While children may have been exposed to a number of anxiety stimulants for generations, the growth of social media, greater reporting on negative issue around the world and pressure to conform to a physical ideal has led to modern children being at higher risk of developing anxiety.

In their workshop Dr Saluja and Dr Gill discussed how to deal with conflict resolution, offered tips for developing resilience in children, suggested how parents manage their relationship with their children, talked about growing pains and discussed self-identity.  Finally parents were given tools and tips for managing their child’s anxiety, such as mindfulness practice, therapy suggestions (such as Art Therapy) and simple tips for the home such as sticker charts, marble jars and point systems.

We hope to continue with helpful workshops for parents and are already planning a second workshop with Dr Saluja and Dr Gill.

Click here to view the presentation slides