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The RMS Poetry Festival

27th January 20

On Friday 24 January, Mrs Atkinson and Miss Moss accompanied ten of Maltman’s girls to perform in the 2020 Poetry Festival at The Royal Masonic School.

The theme for the recital was ‘The Environment’ and all the poems chosen reflected this increasingly important issue. Four schools took part in the festival and the Maltman’s girls were incredibly well prepared, vocally strong and added their own personalities and passion to each poem.

Mr Carson, Headteacher of RMS, gave individual feedback to the performers and we are delighted with the comments made about our girls, so much so that we wished to share them with you…

  • Freya (Year 3): Lots of lovely language, very clear delivery and confident performance.
  • Aariya (Year 4): Confident enough to vary the pace and go slow, wonderful delivery and a real sense of urgency to ‘Leave the Whales A
  • lone, Please!’
  • Phoebe (Year 5): There is so much I love about this poem and your performance had volume, clear delivery, varied pace. You rose to the challenge of depicting the different animals.
  • Catherine (Year 6): This poem allowed a different interpretation as a projection into the future of our planet and was delivered beautifully.
  • Year 5 and 6 performers: You all allowed the younger children to see real progression in the way you delivered your poems, a greater control and range of emotions were demonstrated.
  • Year 6 Group – Caterina, Millie, Genevieve, Amelia, Kiara, Sophia: A wonderful combination of art and poetry, an ease of movement between solo and choral speaking, natural smiles, you achieved the challenge of working together and made it seem effortless – it flowed beautifully.

We are immensely proud of their performances, their professionalism and their support for other performers.