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Candlelit Carols

9th December 19

Each year girls in the Prep School perform incredible candlelit carol concerts. Up first this year were the Lower Prep girls – those in Years 3 and 4. For the Year 3s this was their first proper Maltman’s concert but as always, they performed with professionalism, poise and of course heaps of talent. The girls sang in their year groups and all together, offering a mix of energetic and reflective songs based on passages from the bible, alongside readings. Next, we enjoyed the Upper Prep concert, performed by girls in Years 5 and 6. Again, the girls sang as separate year groups as well as all together, with readings and performances from the chamber choir and the Maltman’s Belles interspersed throughout. We were also treated to an opening piece by the flute group. Such beautiful, harmonious performances from the girls and not forgetting the wonderful solo singers who were brave enough to sing infront of a very packed auditorium. Well done to Miss Guy, Head of Music, for all her hard work with the girls.

Watch our Chamber Choir’s beautiful performance.