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Friendship Week

18th November 19

Last week was Friendship Week at Maltman’s Green – our own version of Anti-bullying Week, which sets the positivity of friendship, above the negativity of bullying.

We are so proud at the extra special effort the girls made to be kind and friendly to one another and we are sure this will continue throughout the year. Our youngest girls in Little Malties day-care enjoyed spending time together making friendship bracelets with string and beads, while those in the Nursery have been talking about what it means to be kind. They have enjoyed making a colourful kindness caterpillar with the help of their teachers. Parents can take a look next time they pass by. The teachers may have written the words, but they came entirely from the girls.

Moving up the school, in Reception  they have been using different painting applications in ICT to create digital pictures of friends as well physical pictures using paper and crayon. They also worked together to create a friendship flower of all the qualities needed to be a good friend. Other girls in Pre-Prep learnt a friendship dance, working closely and collaboratively with their partner to express friendship and kindness, and in Year 1 they enjoyed listening to a story about a super friend, Hattie the Hedgehog, and then creating a beautiful hedgehog friendship display full of all the qualities the girls think makes a good friend.

In the Prep School the girls have been studying the Science of friendship, identifying the special components that give rise to friendships and making their own kindness periodic tables, and in Art, they have been recycling string, wool, threads and beads to make Friendship Bracelets. An exciting activity took part in form 4E where the girls were put into small groups and given the challenge to find out seven things they all had in common with each other. Lots of laughing, smiling and chatting later, they had discovered new things to bond over and lots of shared interests they hadn’t known about before. What a great way to get the girls learning about each other.

We hope the girls had an enjoyable week and of course, we will continue to explore themes of kindness and friendship throughout the school year.

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