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Year 1 go to Woolley Firs

18th October 19

On Thursday 17 October, Year 1 togged up to face the rain and set off to Woolley Firs Environment Centre.

As part of their ‘Animals including Humans’ unit in Science they have been learning about animal classification and how we use our senses to explore the world around us.  At Woolley Firs, the girls learnt that lots of animals have a ‘super sense’, like moles, that have an amazing sense of touch to help them get around in their dark world underground. And badgers whose wet nose helps give them a super sense of smell. The girls enjoyed imagining that they were different animals and practised using each of their special senses.  They then used their sense of smell to make smelly potions from the herb garden and used their sense of touch to navigate a ‘mole assault course’ in the woodlands.

The girls also got to see all sorts of amazing creatures at Woolley Firs, including some huge beetle larvae, which were fascinating!

Despite the weather, the children all had a brilliant day, with many describing their trip as a whole day of Woodland School- what a treat for everyone involved.