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Open to Bugs

1st October 19

We are delighted to announce the installation of three huge, new bug hotels on school grounds.

Bugs are having a tough time. With the increased loss of natural habitats, the cracks and crevices that bugs use to shelter, live and breed are being destroyed. A bug hotel offers a great way to recycle a mixture of household/garden materials, and provides all kinds of creepy crawlies with somewhere to live.

This project has been in conjunction with Willmott Dixon who have supplied building materials and practical expertise for the construction of the bug hotels. Best of all is that ALL the Maltman’s girls have been able to take part – from Little Malties all the way up to Year 6. Over the last weekend the girls collected a wide range of natural materials including sheep’s wool, bark, twigs, slate, straw, leaves and acorns, to go into our bug hotels – lots for the bugs to explore! The girls enjoyed visiting each site to learn more about construction, building materials and biodiversity, and despite the rain, they managed to pack in all their natural materials and watch the hotels grow to two meters tall. Finally, to top it all off, the roofs of the Bug Hotels are specially designed rooftop gardens, to encourage insects to pause on their journey for a drop of nectar.

We’re so delighted to have these beautiful havens for wildlife in the school grounds and sure they will be used and loved by bugs for many years to come.