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Switch off Always!

19th September 19

As an Eco School we are always looking for ways to improve our eco and sustainability credentials. Our wonderful Eco Council consists of girls who are elected by their peers and who meet every half term with staff, parents and governors to form ideas and initiatives for progression. Our eco-councillors help inspire and motivate the rest of the girls and have specific duties such as our annual ‘Clean for the Queen’ litter picking campaign and running a stall at the Christmas Fair.

For the past few terms the girls have run a Switch off Always campaign which has seen them in the parents’ car park at morning drop off and afternoon collection , monitoring the numbers of idling engines and encouraging parents to switch off their engines while they wait. Towards the end of the last term they conducted a poster competition where girls had to design a ‘switch off your engines’ poster as part of their Switch off Always campaign. The two winning designs have been made into permanent signs and were installed in the car park yesterday.

Well done to all the Eco council girls and to Lucille and Lily for their amazing designs.