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A Visitor from France

13th July 19

“My name is Claire and I live in France. I have spent a week in England in my Godmother’s house. I went to school with Mia, who is my god sister.

The English school is different than the French one for many reasons:

  • First my school is a mixed one and I have never been just with girls
  • Secondly the clothes are different because in my school, you can wear whatever you want and in this school everybody is dressed the same way.
  • The snack at break was strange for me because normally in France, you can eat something but you have to bring it as the school does not provide a snack.

I enjoyed the food which is much better than in my school. I learnt a lot about the different cultures and I liked this trip.

I want to say thank you to all the girls for welcoming me and make me feel at home. I also want to say thank you to Mr Baude (Head of Languages) and Mrs Pardon (Headmistress) for this amazing week!


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