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Summer Concerts

10th June 19

On June 4th and 5th, girls in the Prep School treated us to two amazing music concerts. On Tuesday we have the Lower School – Year 3 and 4 – and on Wednesday, the Upper School – Year 5 and 6. After an intense morning of rehearsals on both days, the girls all performed even better on the night, showing how a little bit of adrenalin can actually boost performance! There were a great range of abilities, musical genres and instruments showcased, ranging from harp to trumpet, clarinet to violin and even an electric guitar. Even those who had a tiny slip, demonstrated great perseverance and maturity by carrying on with an otherwise confident performance.

As always, the Year 5&6 concert is tinged with sadness at the realisation that this will be the last Music concert the Year 6 girls are involved in. We’re sure they will continue with their music at their new schools.

A huge well done to all of the girls who performed in the summer concerts, be it as a vocal soloist, instrumentalist of member of one of the Prep ensembles.

Incredible Results for our Year 6 Pupils