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Year 6 go to Hazard Alley

5th June 19

“Going to Hazard Alley was amazing!! We had a really nice time. The best thing about it was that it was fun, but educational. Hazard Alley is all about staying safe in the real world. They have this massive room that actually looks like a real street. The first thing we did is go into a house with our group and instructor, he told us that there was a deaf woman living in this house and she had gone up stairs and locked her room up to have a cup of tea. But then there was a fire and we had to escape. They also gave us different scenarios that happened in real life. IT WAS SOOO FUN!! The reason why this school trip is really good is that it teaches us to be safe and carful about our surroundings.”

Written by Syna (6s)
ISI Report finds our school “Excellent” in all areas
Schoolgirl smiling as they work

We are delighted with our most recent ISI Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection Report (February 2022), which has found Maltman’s Green to be EXCELLENT in all areas.