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Little Malties go to Odds Farm

16th May 19

The Little Malties day-care girls enjoyed an exciting trip to Odds Farm Park yesterday. Anticipation has been building over recent weeks and there was a real buzz of excitement in the air as  the coach pulled up outside school.

Upon arrival, the girls had a quick fruit break and then set off on their first adventure – a tractor ride. During the journey they spotted many different animals in various paddocks and fields including donkeys, pigs, cows and sheep. The next stop was the animal barn where the girls got the opportunity to feed kid goats. They were particularly strong so the Little Malties had to use their strongest muscles to make sure the goats didn’t run away with the milk bottles.

The girls then spent time exploring the farm in two groups, getting to see more animals, including lots of baby animals, and playing in all the different play areas. The girls behaved so well and followed instructions from the teachers and our wonderful volunteers. When we arrived back at school, we had a class of very happy girls, weary from their busy day but very excited about all they had seen.

A big thank you to our helpers, without whom the trip would not have been possible.

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