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A Trip to Tiggywinkles

9th May 19

This term, girls in Nursery have been learning about ‘Spines, Feathers and Fur’ and to support their learning they recently visited Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital. Tiggywinkles is the largest wildlife hospital in the world and they care for everything from hedgehogs to dear, blackbirds to foxes. They always try to rehabilitate their patients and then release them back to the wild, but sometimes this isn’t possible, so they have quite a few long-term residents of the centre.

After the excitement of the coach journey the girls listened to one of Tiggywinkles’ guides talk about the hospital, what it does and how it was founded. They found out that the hospital is named after Mrs Tiggywinkle from the much loved Beatrix Potter stories as they very much started as a hedgehog hospital.  After this, the girls enjoyed exploring the grounds, visiting badgers asleep in their dens, cheeky polecats and of course, the hedgehogs.

After a picnic lunch they enjoyed a talk about some of the patients who have been helped at Tiggywinkles. During the talk the girls also got the chance to hold real antlers and we were taught how you can tell the animals’ age by counting the nodules.

All too soon it was time to head back to school on the coach, which after an action-packed day several of the children (and one or two adults!) used this as an opportunity to have a quick snooze and recharge their batteries! Throughout the whole day the girls were impeccably behaved, listening astutely to the Education Officers as they learnt so many new animal facts. We are very proud of them.

Incredible Results for our Year 6 Pupils