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Inter-Form Gymnastics

28th March 19

This term the Year 6 girls had a challenging task—to create a whole form gymnastic and dance routine on the theme of ‘One World’. This project was special for two reasons: firstly, the girls were encouraged to develop their own ideas and direct their own choreography; and secondly, it involved all of the girls, whatever their ability—from the A Squad who compete at national competitions to those whose talents lie in the Science lab or the Music wing. This empowered the girls, allowing them to feel part of a team and to achieve together, to feel confident in their progress and to learn from one another.

The variety of ideas that they came up with made for a dynamic, interesting show with creative balances, tricky formations and a huge dollop of team work. The judges were hugely impressed with the way in which the girls had tackled the project head-on, working together to perform challenging routines. Of 6A they noted that though the girls had difficult formations they managed to keep in time with one another and the music. 6C were commended for their unique balances and that they covered the whole floor during their routine. The judges thought 6H’s timing was excellent, especially in the dance, and they liked that everyone was involved equally. Of 6S they noted that their balances were perfectly timed.

Best Group Balance went to 6A, while Best Performance went to 6H. Overall, the girls showed perseverance and collaboration to create such wonderful routines. They should be proud of what they have achieved this term.