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Year 5 Rivers Trip

22nd March 19

The girls from Year 5 took part in two days of river investigations on the River Chess. The weather was extremely kind and the girls enjoyed measuring the width, depth and speed of the river in two different locations.

During their adventure the girls learnt terms such as ‘source’, ‘tributary’ and ‘confluence’, and they discovered how a river changes as it moves downstream from the source. The most exciting part was definitely dipping for creatures that live in the river such as mayfly larvae, fish, worms and snails. The girls were able to consider the creatures’ habitats and what threats they might face. The rivers topic will be expanded next term.

Thanks to our three Parent helpers, Mrs Denheen, Mrs Powers and Mrs Claridge, as well as to our teachers who joined the trip—it would not have been so successful without your help and enthusiasm.

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