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Peer Learning

7th February 19

During this term girls in Reception have been learning about Dinosaurs. RG class learnt about Pterodactyls, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex, then wove these prehistoric characters into a wonderful story. For their special class assembly, they decided to tell their story through a puppet show about a terrible king who stole all the plants away from Dinosaurs that needed to eat them. The story was a reflection of friendship and the need to be both sharing and caring.

But of course, to put on a puppet show, they needed puppets so they turned to Head of Art, Mrs Hattam, and her Year 6 class. The girls all came together to create colourful, bright and aesthetically-pleasing sock puppets ready for their performance.

Peer learning is a highly developed method of education that reinforces positive behaviour both on the part of the elder role model and the younger child. At Maltman’s we encourage interaction throughout all ages and understand its worth from our Pre-School, Pre-Prep and Prep years. The Reception girls look forward to our events with the older class-groups throughout the year.

Incredible Results for our Year 6 Pupils