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Pastoral Care

At Maltman’s Green, we create a nurturing, caring environment that supports the individual social and emotional well-being of our girls. We ensure they feel safe and secure, are encouraged to do their best and know that they are valued. We promote and strengthen this care through crucial, positive relationships, and strong communication links with parents and carers.

We aim to best prepare our girls for the journey ahead by teaching crucial transferrable skills: the importance of teamwork; listening and supporting others; thinking through problems with a critical and analytical mind; adaptability and the importance of risk taking; emotional resilience; and self-belief. Our girls need to be equipped to deal with every eventuality, and having a positive view of themselves will be paramount.

We strive to ensure that all our girls are articulate, hold a positive view of themselves and are ready to approach the future with self-confidence and belief.


Pupils with a flexible mindset want to learn. They see effort and hard-work as a way to succeed, they learn from mistakes and know how they can improve.  We encourage our girls to embrace challenges and keep trying, even when it is hard. They learn from high quality, purposeful teacher feedback. We praise the process, pupil effort and individual development, encouraging girls to question their learning and foster a sense of curiosity. We set high, challenging, yet realistic expectations of all our girls, empowering them to manage how they view themselves and others, and to do so in a positive, helpful way. Our core values are the vital foundations of learning and are carefully nurtured:


We are proud of the broad and varied education we offer. We are passionate about developing and fostering a growth-mindset in our girls, enabling them to react to a changing world, and provide them with the skills to change the world around them.

The House System

From Year 1, girls are divided into four houses: Aylward, Bronte, Johnson and Pankhurst. A Captain and Vice-Captain are elected from Year 6 as ambassadors to represent their house. They meet regularly with their house to form friendships in other year groups and devise a fundraising strategy for their chosen charity – a function of the houses that is fostered, encouraged and promoted by the School.

Throughout the year, Inter-house activities and competitions are held, where team work, cooperation, understanding and friendship is paramount.

Open Morning 4 October

Join our Open Morning on Friday 4 October for a tour of the school with our Year 6 tour guides and the chance to talk to senior staff.


Booking encouraged but not essential