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School Fees

Registration Fee

A non-refundable fee of £100.00 is payable upon registration.

Acceptance Deposit

Deposits are payable upon acceptance of a place.

Little Malties Day Care: £200.00
Nursery and up: £950.00

The Acceptance Deposit for Little Malties will be retained until either your daughter leaves or moves up to the School nursery where it will be credited against the School Acceptance Deposit for Nursery and upwards. A proportion of the Acceptance Deposit for Nursery and upwards will be credited to the second term’s fee invoice with the balance refunded after the final term’s invoice or donated to the Bursary Fund.


We offer a limited number of means-tested subsidised and free places for new joiners. Please click here for more information.

School Fees 2020/2021

Little Malties Day Care

Year-round Provision (only closed 3 weeks per year).

Half day
Morning session: with breakfast, lunch and snacks (7.30am-1.00pm)
Afternoon session: with a hot dinner and snacks (1.00pm-6.30pm)
School day with breakfast, lunch and snacks (8.00am-4.00pm) £70.00/day
Extended day with breakfast, lunch, hot dinner and snacks (7.30am-6.30pm) £80.00/day


Fees charged for the Term. Holiday provision is available at an extra cost.

Girls in Nursery must attend our 5 compulsory morning sessions per week.
Afternoon sessions are optional.
Wrap around care available from 7.30am-6.30pm.

5 mornings per week with snack and lunch (8.30am-1.00pm) £1925.00/term
5 mornings and 1 afternoon per week (8.30am-4.00pm) £2310.00/term
5 mornings and 2 afternoons per week (8.30am-4.00pm) £2695.00/term
5 mornings and 3 afternoons per week (8.30am-4.00pm) £3080.00/term
5 mornings and 4 afternoons per week (8.30am-4.00pm) £3465.00/term
5 mornings and 5 afternoons per week (8.30am-4.00pm) £3850.00/term


Reception (8.50am – 3.20pm) £3850.00/term
Year 1 (8.45am – 3.30pm) £4410.00/term
Year 2 (8.40am – 3.45pm) £4410.00/term


Year 3 (8.30am-3.50pm) £5095.00/term
Year 4 (8.30am-3.55pm) £5095.00/term
Years 5-6 (8.30am-4.00pm) £5275.00/term

Breakfast Club

From 7.30am (Nursery to Year 6)

Breakfast is provided with all bookings
Regular booking £6.00/session
Occasional booking £7.00/session
No booking received (all girls will be catered for whether or not we expect them, but it is preferable that parents inform the school in advance) £8.00/session

Find out more about before and after school clubs

After School Club

Until 6.00pm (Reception to Year 6)
Until 6.30pm (Nursery)

Food is provided with all bookings
Regular booking £10.00/session
Occasional booking £13.00/session

Find out more about before and after school clubs

Morning School Bus

Beaconsfield to Maltman’s Green School

Stop 1: New Town Stop 2: Old Town
Regular booking £4.80/day £4.25/day

Charges will be included on fee bills in arrears.

Find out more about the School Bus

Included in Fees

The termly fees cover school from 8.15am to 4.00pm, tuition, text books, most stationery items, snacks, lunch, some extra-curricular clubs, educational day trips and school workshops.

Lunch and Snacks

All girls receive nutritionally balanced, freshly prepared food throughout the day. Find out more.


Many extra-curricular clubs are offered at no extra costs. This includes most lunchtime activities, membership to our music ensembles and many of our sports clubs. Find out more.

Day Trips, Talks and Workshops

School fees include the cost of day trips across all year groups to exciting and educational places such as The Living Rainforest, Legoland, Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, St Pauls Cathedral and College Lake Nature Reserve. All in-school workshops and performances by visiting specialists are also included. Find out more.

Extra Subjects

A range of extra subjects are available to pupils during the School week. All chargeable activities are invoiced in advance. However, music, ballet, modern dance, judo and language lessons are invoiced by the extra-subject tutor directly, but are booked through the School. Residential trips offered to Years 4, 5 and 6 are chargeable in advance.

School Fees Plan

School Fees Plan are a provider of finance for School Fees with monthly fee payment plans available. Find out more.

Child Care Vouchers

We accept Child Care Vouchers (CCVs) and Tax Free Childcare. Please contact us for more information.

Toddler Talk

Join us on Saturday 3 October for Toddler Talk: Maths with your pre-schooler, the first in a series of twenty minute early years parent education webinars.

Saturday 3 October 10:15-10:35
We are also open for private visits. Please contact us for more information.