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Virtual School

Maltman’s Green is committed to delivering excellence in education. Our extensive school site offers first class facilities and outstanding sporting and extra-curricular opportunities, but what marks us an exceptional school is our first-class teaching, and this is something will not change as we move into a virtual learning world.

Through the use of digital tools such as Microsoft Teams, Webex, My School Portal, live lessons and video/audio streaming, we are able to offer a robust educational experience, allowing the girls to make use of online learning programmes and take part in live sessions that help to bring the learning to life and the Maltman’s community together.

Through a close, supportive partnership with parents, we are confident that our distance learning provision can be a success for our girls, allowing them to enjoy a thorough, varied and stimulating term of virtual education.

The girls’ timetables have been adapted for home learning, while still offering a full programme of lessons and activities. We appreciate that not all families can necessarily stick to our schedules, so provision has been made for work and lessons to be available for the girls to access at any time. We will also continue with our personalised learning provision, offering different tasks to suit the different ways in which the girls learn. Outside of live lessons, teachers are available throughout the day to offer guidance and support, and the two live form times per day give the girls opportunity to seek counsel from their form teacher and interact with their form.

There are a variety of ways in which girls can complete lesson exercises, submit their work and receive feedback from their teacher, so that they will always know what they need to work on and the criteria for success.

Each phase will also enjoy a special pre-recorded assembly each day in order to explore our termly themes, reinforce our mindsets and offer a sense of cohesion. The Houses are also still very much alive, and regular virtual meetings and competitions will be taking place throughout the term.

Though this is a different term to the one we expected, we have every confidence that it will be a great success and we look forward to sharing learning stories and the girls’ achievements with you.

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Current parents can access our timetables and curriculum outlines on their My School Portal account.

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